1. theneolistickid:

    Dune art by Russian artist Vladimir Kolpakov

    Source: http://agrbrod.deviantart.com/

  2. cosmiccantina:

    Dune Sand Worm

  3. ekiriam:

    I’ve recently been reading Dune and decided to throw an attempt at my vision of a Fremen in his Stillsuit with a full face contraption. I imagine this one would be Stilgar the second time Paul encounters him.

  4. unseens:

    Illustration by Mark Kent

  5. glharvey:

    Dune Messiah

    In the sequel to Frank Herbert’s Dune, 12 Years have passed since Paul Atreidis seized the throne as Emperor.  While he struggles with his prescient visions, others are conspiring in the shadows.

  6. daily-dune:


    The Great Maker 

    From Frank Herbert’s novel Dune.  A planet of sandworms, dust storms, and the only source of the geriatric spice Melange.


  7. syfycity:

    Dune stencil on Dune pages with a Dune quote

    This makes me happy

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  9. sciencefriday:

    Dune was one of those rare novels that inspired visions, great characters, and action, alien creatures never imagined, a planet whose starkness was particularly appealing to me.”

    John Schoenherr on his amazing Dune artwork. See more here.

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  10. momarkmagic:

    Fremen Sietch Leader (cropped) - character design for my Dune inspired project #art #conceptart #digitalart #characterdesign #character #dune

  11. daily-dune:

    Dune Comic from Blue Moon Special, check out the rest here:

    Thanks again to Trusted Site for the suggestion.


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  13. scifi-fantasy-horror:

    Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune by Gorrem

  14. momarkmagic:

    Wormsign Beacons for my Dune Project (cropped) #art #conceptart #digitalart #dune #moodconcept #scifi

    More from Mark Molnar

  15. daily-dune:

    David Moscati

    18” x 24”
    3 color screen print with copper metallic ink
    Limited Edition of 35