1. momarkmagic:

    Fremen Sietch Leader (cropped) - character design for my Dune inspired project #art #conceptart #digitalart #characterdesign #character #dune

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    Dune Comic from Blue Moon Special, check out the rest here:

    Thanks again to Trusted Site for the suggestion.


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  4. scifi-fantasy-horror:

    Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune by Gorrem

  5. momarkmagic:

    Wormsign Beacons for my Dune Project (cropped) #art #conceptart #digitalart #dune #moodconcept #scifi

    More from Mark Molnar

  6. daily-dune:

    David Moscati

    18” x 24”
    3 color screen print with copper metallic ink
    Limited Edition of 35
  7. imthenic:

    Saint Alia of the Knife by Joshua Budich

  8. asimovisoverrated:

    Marko Manev: Shai-Hulud

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  9. calvinanddune:

    My travels in the ancestral mazes have memorized uncounted places and events which I never desire to see repeated. I have seen peoples and planets in such numbers that they lose meaning even in imagination. Ohhh, the landscapes I have passed. The calligraphy of alien roads glimpsed from space and imprinted upon my innermost sight. The eroded sculpture of canyons and cliffs and galaxies has imprinted upon me the certain knowledge that I am a mote.

    This is one of my favorite quotes from God Emperor of Dune. I think Calvin’s Spaceman Spiff fantasy makes a good comparison to Leto II’s introspective tendency.

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  11. archiemcphee:

    "Remember: Walk without rhythm and we won’t attract the worm. It will go to the thumper."

    The giant sandworms of Dune have been known to grow more than 400 meters long and have vast mouths filled with a fearsome array of crystalline teeth. They’re breathtaking and terrifying and now, thanks to canida, an Oakland, CA-based Instructables user, you can dress up just like one.

    This awesome Giant Sandworm Shai Hulud Costume was created using an inexpensive children’s play tunnel, 6 yards of sandworm-tan fabric, mouth-pink fabric, posterboard, wire, a large cardboard box and basic sewing skills. Click here for step-by-step instructions. However you’ll have to figure out your own recipe for the spice melange.

    of Neatorama pointed out that it wouldn’t be difficult to alter this costume design to instead create one of the sandworms from Beetlejuice. Also awesome.

    [via Neatorama]

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  13. smyrno:

    Full moon calls thee— 

    Shai-hulud shall thou see; 

    Red the night, dusky sky, 

    Bloody death didst thou die. 

    We pray to a moon: she is round— 

    Luck with us will then abound, 

    What we seek for shall be found 

    In the land of solid ground.

    (art: Marcin Wielkopolskie)

  14. momarkmagic:

    Fremen Caves (cropped) for my Dune Project #art #conceptart #digitalart #environment #scifi #dune #moodconcept #keyconcept #pitch

    More Project Dune by Mark Molnar 

  15. supertownstationwagon:

    Dune concept art. Chris Foss. 1975.

    "We all dreamed of womb-ships, antechambers for rebirth into other dimensions; we dreamed of whore-ships driven by the semen of our passionate ejaculations." ~ Jodorowsky on Chris Foss

    1. Spice Container, 2. Leto’s Car version 2, 3. Leto’s Car version 1, 4. Guild Tug, 5. Shot-up Pirate Ship spilling spice, 6. Sardauker warship.

    This morning belongs to Jodorowsky’s Dune