1. kraky:

    Mentat Assassassin - quick sketch for #inktober Shooting for a month of Dune inspired ink.

  2. kraky:

    #inktober 4: Piter De Vries, twisted mentat.

  3. kraky:

    #inktober 5: Reverend Mother of the Bene Gesserit.

  4. kraky:

    #inktober 7: Jamis

  5. ekiriam:

    My attempt at a young Paul Atreides and later Muad’Dib casually wearing his stillsuit with the facial contraption off. Playing with my tablet during a really long train trip.

    Love it.

  6. iddqd-idfa:

    Painted this one really quickly. It took me 30 minutes.

    I could stare at this for a lot longer than 30 minutes. Great work!

  7. peculiarcomics:

    Day 4: Shai-Hulud

  8. Spice factory and Giedi Prime by fmacmanus★

  9. bonesludge:

    I am very proud to announce that I will be in this fantastic Dune themed show in Oakland! I will be showing work along with some really incredible talent. I will keep you updated, but if you are in Oakland, CA or will be around for the holidays, plan on seeing this!

    This seems right up my alley.

  10. Dune redesign by SimonDubuc

  11. Dune by NEWATLAS7

  13. Dunecat takes on a whole new image

    (Source: coolcrazydoglady)

  14. theneolistickid:

    Dune art by Russian artist Vladimir Kolpakov

    Source: http://agrbrod.deviantart.com/

  15. cosmiccantina:

    Dune Sand Worm